Sunday, April 28, 2013

People Are Crazy - Billy Currington Out

Photo: Savannah-Chatham Police

Billy Currington was ousted as a pre-race artist for the May, 18th Sprint All-Star Race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC), after his recent arrest on charges of making "terroristic threats and abuse of an elderly person." He will be replaced by "Long Black Train" singer, Josh Turner. "Due to Currington's recent indictment, we elected to change our act for the Nascar Sprint All-Star Race," track president and general manager Marcus Smith said in a news release.

Currington turned himself into the Savannah-Chatham Police and was booked into Chatham county jail on Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest a day earlier. He was released after posting $27'700 bond. He could face upto 10 years in prison for the two felony charges against him.

The charges against Currington were filed after an April, 15th incident, after he allegedly chased a 70-year-old tour boat captain along a coastal Georgia creek of Tybee island and threated to "finish him off" in a tirade filled with profanities, according to court documents.

The boat captain, Charles Harvey Ferrelle, and his two passengers told police Currington was holding a camera when he became outraged. The police seized four digital video files, 27 photos and a memory card at Currington's home, after obtaining a search warrant.
In an affidavit, Savannah-Chatham County Police detective Alycia Smith wrote: "They were in fear of this man and a possible attack against Mr. Ferrelle, and possibly everyone there, as his behaviour was 'out of control' as described by all three persons."

Currington who denied "each and every allegation" from Ferrelle, tweeted two days after the incident to his over 200'000 followers on Twitter.
Currington's tweet
He also thanked his fans for their support but refused to comment because of the ongoing legal investigation. Inhabitants of Currington's estate have called the police before because of invasion of their privacy stemming from incidents where boats were driving to close to their boat dock, according to several newspaper reports.

Entertainment journalist Jimmy Carter tweeted that the charges against Currington were way out of proportion and "outrageous"...

According to a 2007 article in The Tennessean the singer admitted then, that he sometimes struggled to control his anger as a result of suffering childhood abuse while growing up in Rincon, north of Savannah. "When he comes out, he comes out very quickly and it goes away very quickly," the 39-year old singer told the newspaper. "And in those instances, that rage can destroy relationships, whether it's with a girlfriend or a business partner or a fan. It doesn't  take long to screw it all up."
Ft Walton Beach show 4/27 - Source Twitter

The show cancellation by the Charlotte Motor Speedway may be described as premature, as the fans are sticking with Currington and he was able to enjoy sold-out shows in Louisiana and Fort Walton Beach. He documented the last one in a Twitter picture, he posted earlier this morning (4/28).

Billy Currington is best known for the 2009, Bobby Braddock/Troy Jones penned number-one-hit "People Are Crazy."

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